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Gillingham can be found in the Blackmoor Vale area of the county of Dorset and, as the region's northernmost town, it has a history believed to date back as far as the Stone Age. Gillingham is surrounded by the picturesque Dorset countryside, which is just waiting to be explored with a Gillingham Minibus. Visitors who want the chance to take a little exercise or some country air will find an afternoon stroll around Blackmoor Vale a most pleasing experience.

The nearby city of Shaftesbury provides the opportunity for a daytrip from Gillingham and on arrival there, visitors will find a town rich in history and heritage. Among its many historic buildings is an abbey built by the infamous King Alfred. There is also a museum featuring displays chronicling the town's most significant historical events and developments.

Gillingham interesting and informative museum, which was completed in 1996, has quickly become one of its most popular attractions and can be reached with ease with a Gillingham Minibus. Visitors to the facility will find displays and artefacts that tell the story of the area from its Saxon beginnings up to more recent times. Paintings by the famous John Constable are also on display at the museum and, for many visitors, are the best reason to visit.

While only a relatively small town, Gillingham is the chief shopping destination in the Blackmoor Vale area and offers a selection of both supermarkets and independent outlets that should not be missed during a day out in the town. When it comes to dining, visitors will find a reasonable selection of eating establishments, most of which specialise in traditional English fare. Visitors who are planning to add a night out on the town to the itinerary will find that a trip to one of the area's charming country pubs is a great option.

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