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Book a 33-Seater Bus With Gillingham Minibus, and We'll Take You Where You Want to Go

The roads around the UK seem to be getting busier and busier everyday. Driving used to be a pleasure, but now it's become a chore. If you want to go somewhere special with a group of people, travelling in individual cars in not a feasible option. Call on Gillingham Minibus, and we'll solve the problem. Sit back and let one of our professional drivers take you where you need to go, and enjoy being with all the other passengers. Is there a football match coming up that you and your mates don't want to miss? Would you and the girls love to go Christmas shopping together for a change? How about those all important team-building events? Wouldn't it be great if you could all travel together?

Gillingham Minibus has a fleet of different vehicles, but for the occasions we've just mentioned, a 33-seater bus would be the perfect fit. Our modern buses are well-equipped with air-conditioning and ergonomic seats, for the ultimate in comfort. Being able to sit back and enjoy the scenery will make a change for many of you, so give it a go.

We have customer service agents at the end of the phone. Alternatively, you can contact us by competing the online form. There is also an online booking form when you're ready to make a commitment and arrange the best journey you've ever had.

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