About Us

Gillingham Minibus

Our Gillingham Minibus firm is a premier company that offers private transportation in Gillingham and its surroundings. We offer our customers elite services that satisfy their desire for comfort and luxury. We have lots of experience in the transportation industry having served the residents of Gillingham for more than 15 years.

Gillingham is a town located in the county of Kent in South England that has settlements such as Wigmore, Parkwood, Hempstead, and Brompton among others. We offer coach and minibus hire services in Gillingham, and it's through our flexibility that we have become Gillingham's leading transportation provider for more than 15 years.

Our Vehicles

Gillingham Minibus boast of a wide range of several capacity vehicles that can transport more than 70 passengers to those that can transport only a few passengers. They all have impressive ground clearance and fitted two radios and VHF communication gadgets. We don't operate vehicles that are more than six years old meaning that they are new, safe, and dependable. All of them are two to six years old. Our fleet of vehicles include:

Iveco 16-Seater Minibus Standard

We operate a fleet of Iveco 16-seater Minibus Standard that is perfect for a small group of people traveling together. This car is perfect for intercity journeys and comes fitted with reclining seats, enough legroom, and easy-to-access lowered luggage.

Ford Transit 12-16 Minibus Standard

If you are traveling in small groups that do not exceed 16 passengers, the 12 or 16-seater Ford Transit Minibus Standard is perfect for you to travel in comfort and style. A mounted gear level allows for good passenger access and gear changes.

Mercedes 8 and 16-Seater Executive

These are perfect vehicles suited for executive transport. Are you a group of business executives heading for conferences or corporate events? We have these vehicles suited for such purposes.

Renault 16-Seater Standard

At times, you may need to travel in a car that provides comfortable head clearance and enough elbow and legroom. The Renault 16-seater is a perfect choice, and we have them.

Volkswagen Crafter 16-Seater Standard

This is a vehicle that is perfectly suited for larger functions. We at Gillingham Minibus have a couple of hem for hire.