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Minibus and Coach Hire Prices – Gillingham Minibus

It is undoubtedly clear that of late, a significant number of people (especially those travelling in groups as friends or family) prefer hiring a minibus or a coach to transport them to various locations across the UK. We at Gillingham Minibus have been engaging in this sort of business for decades in Gillingham.

Here, you will find a group of people hiring a minibus or coach to ferry them to different locations within the city. One thing remains though; a good number of these people have lately complained about how pricing keeps on fluctuating. It is, however, important to understand how pricing work.

Why do minibus or coach prices keep fluctuating?

You will most definitely be charged differently for ticket prices depending on which time of the month that you are booking your ticket. If you happen to book for your tickets at around Christmas when a majority of people are finding ways of heading home to their friends and family for a reunion, you will be charged slightly higher as opposed to the middle of the year when majority of people are at work.

The law of demand and supply explains it all. An increase in the supply of goods or services tends to lower the prices while a decrease in the supply of the same goods or services increases the prices.

The above scenario applies to minibus and coach hire companies. You will be charged slightly higher during peak seasons as a bit less when peak season is over due to aspects of demand and supply. At Gillingham Minibus though, our prices are slightly lower than those of our closest rivals.

Book early for the best rates

Do you want to avoid being charged more than double the price for your coach or minibus ticket? If that is the case, then you better make your booking early enough. We have a simple booking system in addition to discounts for customers who book their tickets in advance.


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